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OPM Still Allowing Discrimination Against Trans Surgeries

The Office of Personnel Management has decided to continue to discriminate against transgender Federal employees and dependents, by allowing insurance plans to specifically exclude coverage for transition-related surgeries.

During the final years of the Obama Administration, OPM’s policy on Federal employee insurance coverage for transition-related care has been fraught. In June 2014 OPM issued a Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Program Carrier Letter on the subject, acknowledging that transition-related care is medically necessary and lifting a ban that had been present on “services, drugs, or supplies related to sex transformation.” Importantly, the carrier letter allowed carriers to maintain the exclusion, and over 95% of them did. This year, there was some initial hope of change when OPM issued its call letter (essentially the request for insurers to submit proposals for insurance plans), and specifically requested that insurers reconsider their coverage of transgender services. However, those hopes were quickly dashed, as OPM responded to questions about those requests by stating that there was no requirement that transition-related care be covered. OPM then quickly seemed to reverse course, in a June 2015 FEHB Program Carrier letter stating, “no carrier participating in the [FEHB] Program may have a general exclusion of services, drugs or supplies related to gender transition or ‘sex transformations.’” Since June, it has been a matter of waiting until plans were released to see how they responded.

Since then, at least two plans have released their official brochures on their websites. The Government Employees Health Association Benefit Plan and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan (which in 2013 covered approximately 63% of Federal employees on its own and, to the best of my knowledge, remains the single insurer covering the majority of Federal employees and dependants) both specifically exclude “surgeries related to sex transformation.”

Now that it is confirmed that OPM is permitting such discrimination, it is reasonable to expect that many more insurance plans will similarly exclude transition-related surgeries, just as they continued to exclude coverage for all transition-related care for plan year 2015. This is a clear violation of 42 USC 18116 (also known as Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act), in its discrimination against medical procedures solely on the basis of their relationship to gender transition.