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Response to Continued OPM Stonewalling

I don’t normally post every back-and-forth in my attempts to shake things loose from the bureaucracy (as there are many and they are generally boring). However, it has been 68 days since I submitted a FOIA request to OPM requesting the responses to Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Program Carrier Letter 2014-17 (which announced that OPM would continue to discriminate on the basis of gender identity at the behest of insurers) in order to get a sense of how many insurers would actually be offering trans-inclusive health insurance in plan year 2015.  To date, OPM has failed to respond to the FOIA request, including not even acknowledging receipt.

Since they’ve decided to stonewall, I’ve decided to escalate.  First, I’ve now included the Office of Civil Rights at my employing agency, since OPM is continuing to discriminate against all transgender Federal employees, myself included.

Second, in the coming days, I will be referring the matter to my Senator, Sen. Tim Kaine, because letters from the Hill tend to actually force responses loose from Federal agencies.  The letter will also address the complete lack of response OPM has had to my Petition for Reconsideration, filed back in August, to their “nondiscrimination” rule that still allows discrimination against transgender Federal employees through FEHB.

By the time I receive a response, it may well be “open season,” the period of the year when insurers plans for the next year are posted online for anyone to review any plan.  However, I nonetheless hope OPM responds, as manually culling through volume after volume of plan brochures to find which are discriminating and which are not is a heap of unnecessary work given that OPM requested (and presumably received) a simple list of which insurers are which.

2014 07 29 - OPM FOIA Request for Plan Response to CL 2014-172014 10 05 - Third FOIA Attempt to OPM - Insurer Responses to FEHB CL 2014-17

Justice for Jane – How does CTDCF Render a Child Ineligible for Adoption

Jane Doe has been imprisoned by CTDCF because they claim there is no home for her, while ignoring requests from families who would welcome her into their homes.  This FOIA request asks how CTDCF came to the conclusion that Jane wasn’t eligible for foster care or adoption, as it seems they do not see any family as fit for Jane.

Background:  http://justice4jane.tumblr.com/post/97677265739/update-this-morning-jane-escaped-police-custody

CTDCF FOIA3 - Eligibility for Adoption (redacted) CTDCF FOIA3 - Eligibility for Adoption (redacted) 2


Since OIRA decided not to meet with me today, I had time to do another small letter; this one to OPM, demanding the records establishing their purported “policy” of required exclusions for transition-related care.  Given that we know that the purported policy was ignored for some insurers (see, for instance, Kaiser Foundation’s California health insurance plan, available at http://www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance/healthcare/plan-information/plan-codes/2014/brochures/73-003.pdf), I’m intensely curious where this alleged requirement existed (and how it was waived for Kaiser).