Justice for Jane: Connecticut Admits No Policy to Justify Solitary Confinement

Jane Doe of Connecticut has been placed in solitary confinement at a facility for male juvenile delinquents on parole, despite neither being male nor adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent.  I contacted CTDCF and formally requested any records of policies or procedures to determine when a girl under their care should be placed in a male facility, how such a girl should be protected, and procedures on solitary confinement generally.

The official response from CTDCF was that the agency has “no responsive records.”  This constitutes a legal admission by CTDCF that no written policies or procedures exist.  As was widely suspected, CTDCF is inventing policy in order to warehouse Jane in a male facility.

It is important to remember that in response to a prior records request, CTDCF formally acknowledged that it has never housed a cisgender girl in a male facility.  The question thus remains:  why does CTDCF treat transgender children in a different and more punitive manner than cisgender children?  Why is the governor continuing to allow this violation of state and Federal laws banning government discrimination on the basis of gender identity?