Documents from Dept. of Education – Title IX Religious Exemptions

I received about 250 pages (counting the pages that were fully blanked out as non responsive) from the Department of Education today.  I’m still going through them, but I think this is the key page as far as Department policy on assessing the eligibility of an institution for religious exemptions (page 48 of the second file, 13-00442-F (OCR-PLG) (1 of 2)).

“The applicant or recipient will normally be considered to be controlled by a religious organization if one or more of the following conditions prevail:

  1. It is a school or department of divinity; or
  2. It requires its faculty, students, or employees to be members of, or otherwise espouse a personal belief in, the religion of the organization by which it claims to be controlled; or
  3. Its charter and catalog, or other official publication, contains explicit statement that it is controlled by a religious organization or an organ thereof or is committed to the doctrines of a particular religion, and the members of its governing body are appointed by the controlling religious organization or an organ thereof, and it receives a significant amount of financial support from the controlling religious organization or an organ thereof.”

Criteria for Religious Exemption

The document is undated, but from the rest of the file is likely from the mid-1980s.


13-00442-F (OCR-PLG) (1 of 2)

13-00442-F (OCR-PLG) (2 of 2)